Ice Vacations

ICEOne of our team has just been to South Africa as part of a group of Diamond and Platinum APT Agents! Nick Minns spent 10 days sampling the highlights of the region including Cape Town, Table Mountain, Robben Island Port Elizabeth and even a safari!

“This sort of thing seems to happen on a regular basis here at Our Vacation Centre… Many rewards for high company-wide supplier sales, or individual consultant achievements are handed out regularily,” says Scott Fisher, Executive Director of Cruise/Travel Relationships & Programs says”The famils, awards and rewards are well deserved by each and every one of our consultants. As a team they all work so hard to give our customers the very best experience that they can – both in the booking of their holiday and the actual holiday itself.” So its great to see them rewarded in return!

“What’s the secret at Our Vacation Centre? We enjoy helping design a customer- perfect holiday – from a simple flight through to a multi-faceted  world cruises holidays with multiple tour options, pre and post accommodation and so much more. We do a little (sometimes a lot) of work getting it just right for them. And the reward? For us it’s a happy brand partner who has a happy customer who returns time and again, knowing that we get it right for them.”

The Tourism e kit has released a new tutorial outlining how to set up an Instagram account and tips on how best to use this social media platform to promote tourism products and experiences. The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), the project managers of the Tourism e kit, has also recruited a team of nine Licenced and Accredited Tourism e kit trainers based around Australia to deliver digital marketing training customised for the tourism industry.

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Alternative Ownership Conference Asia Pacific (AOCAP)

1114-8Alternative Ownership Conference Asia Pacific (AOCAP)
Hosted by BHN, Horwath HTL, and Stiles Capital Events

18-19 March 2015

Pan Pacific Singapore

AOCAP has quickly become Asia Pacific’s premier conference serving the alternative/vacation ownership sector of the lodging industry. It is the region’s most important conference focused on mixed-use resorts and recreational real estate and annually delivers an abundance of knowledge, insight, and understanding of the alternative ownership sector of the lodging industry throughout Asia Pacific.

Program and registration information is available at

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The Holiday Club

1114-9Since the launch of ULTIQA Resorts in September, ULTIQA Resorts embarked on a strategic sales and marketing campaign to introduce the brand, which includes partnering with popular 4 Ingredients author and founder, Kim McCosker. Kim is currently launching her new Cook 4 a Cure recipe book with proceeds raised donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Since the launch ULTIQA Resorts has currently raise $10,395 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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To onshore of offshore – that is the question

Does a ‘double Irish, Dutch sandwich’ sound appetising? This is not something off the lunch menu. How about ‘treaty shopping’? This is not something for the Christmas stocking. ‘Marketing hub’? A café for executives with brightly coloured shirts.

These are all international tax planning techniques which have gained notoriety in the media recently as companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Starbucks are accused of not paying their ‘fair share of tax’.

Recently, clients have asked about these techniques and whether they apply to privately held businesses in Australia.

As a general rule for Australian tax residents, it is better to ‘on-shore’ not ‘off-shore’ your tax. This may sound counterintuitive; however, tax paid by a resident in their ‘home’ country will generally be more tax efficient than paying tax in a ‘host’ country. This is especially true in Australia where we have an imputation tax system.

For example, establishing a Hong Kong (HK) based company to run the operations of an Australian company sounds attractive. Operating profits and dividend payments are taxed by HK at a much lower rate than our corporate tax rate of 30% and the profits are ‘tax-free’ in Australia when finally paid out.

Great in theory, not so great in practice. Take this example of a business owner trying to draw cash from their company to pay off their home loan. In Australia their ‘’HK windfall” would be treated as an unfranked dividend, possibly at 49%, with no tax credit for the underlying HK corporate tax. This is a classic example of economic double taxation.

It is clear that the structures used by multinational enterprise do not translate well to Australian SMEs.

So what else should SMEs be aware of?

The tax outcome should not drive the commercial purpose, just as the tail should not be wagging the dog. Off-shoring should be for commercial reasons, not tax purposes. Cost pressures, access to expertise or resources and proximity to customers, are all sound reasons to off-shore parts of your business. Your business structure should also be driven by commercial and legal reasons and then reviewed to ensure it is free of tax leakage or other adverse tax outcomes.

Australia’s tax net is very broad. Australian tax residents are taxed on their worldwide income and gains. Furthermore, our controlled foreign company rules mean that passive income and gains such as interest and royalties cannot be warehoused in companies in a low tax jurisdiction and Australian tax deferred.


Additionally, basing functions overseas may mean you miss out on Australian based government grants such as the Research and Development Tax Incentive and the Export Market Development Grant. Australia also has useful tax concessions, such as our holding company regime and the ability to group for Goods and Services Tax and income tax.

Finally, the compliance and administration costs of operating in a foreign country should also be considered. The costs of company audits, onerous legal administration, travel costs and language, culture and time challenges may outweigh the benefits.

It is inevitable that most Australian businesses will expand overseas to access new markets and other resources. However, this can involve some traps for the unwary. Careful considerations of the tax implications, specifically tailored to an SME, can improve the overall cash in hand return to your Australian investors.

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Happy 14th Birthday – Accor Vacation Club

1114-7Accor Vacation Club recently blew out the candles celebrating 14 years in the Industry.

The team at head office celebrated with cupcakes that worked a treat.

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IYC Travel Tops Trafalgar Group Bookings

PrintIYC Travel, the dedicated member travel service for Classic Holidays and DAE, has topped Trafalgar’s list for Group tours this year.

The tour provider announced the figures last month, with IYC taking out top spot over major retail travel agencies across the country.

“For IYC to be named as number one in Australia for Groups with Trafalgar is a huge achievement for our team,” said IYC Travel Manager, Lorrelle Barnett.

“Our members love Trafalgar tours, and it is fantastic to be recognised as their best seller for groups.”

IYC Travel recently added dedicated Tour and Cruise Departments to cater for the increased interest in tour and cruise holidays from members.

“So many of our members are now enjoying the option of booking a cruise or tour through IYC Travel,” said Chief Operating Officer Carole Smith. “The flexibility of Classic Holidays’ membership allows them to choose the style of holiday they really want to have.”

Classic Holidays has booked nearly 80,000 member holidays this year to date, with the volume of cruise and tour bookings through IYC Travel more than trebling in the past two years.

Classic Holidays’ New Zealand Roadshow a Success

Classic Holidays, Australasia’s largest resort and club management company, completed a successful New Zealand Member Roadshow in October.

The Classic Holidays team, led by Chief Operating Officer, Carole Smith and General Manager, Classic Holidays New Zealand, Stephen Goy, delivered 11 Roadshows in 10 days, traversing the country from Auckland to Dunedin to present the information sessions to their new New Zealand members.

Close to 2,000 members attended the shows, which were designed to inform new members of the many benefits of their membership with Classic Holidays.

“The goal of the information sessions was to introduce Classic Holidays to our new member base in New Zealand and educate them on the products and services we provide that will enhance their current product offering and communication,” said Ms Smith.

“Attendees were presented with information on their free Exchange & Play membership and personalised travel services through IYC Travel – providing a “one stop shop” service.

“We also gave an update on new features being developed for Classic Holidays New Zealand members, and what’s coming up in the next 12 months.

“Feedback from our members was extremely positive, particularly from those who had lost touch with their timeshare product, and are now looking forward to reinvigorating their holidays with Classic.

“Many were particularly excited to hear about the cruise holiday options available to them, and the subsidy we offer on tour and cruise bookings as part of Exchange & Play.

“Our product offering continues to evolve at Classic Holidays, and the Roadshow is a great way to keep our members engaged and informed of what is available to them to enhance their holiday ownership.”

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DAE Delivers Educational Magazine For Europe Members

1114-5Worldwide holiday exchange provider, DAE, has launched a new edition of its Holiday Access magazine for DAE members in Europe.

The 28-page member magazine includes straight forward explanations of the exchange process, as well as destination articles, competitions, special offers and features of DAE’s award-winning exchange platform.

Managing Director of DAE Europe, Oliver Green said the new edition of the magazine was designed to inform both existing DAE members and non-members of the many additional benefits of joining DAE exchange to enhance their timeshare ownership.

“DAE’s Holiday Access magazine is another way we are enhancing our free membership with DAE – by providing our members and other timeshare owners with information to understand how exchange can work for them,” said Mr Green.

“We’ve included some really useful information, such as graphs demonstrating supply and demand of exchange weeks in both the UK and Europe, as well as articles on the basics of holiday exchange, DAE’s Bonus Weeks, destination profiles, travel tips and more.

“In this edition, we’re also running a competition to win a holiday in Wales, staying at St Davids Vacation Club is located in the historic city of St Davids in Pembrokeshire – so there’s even more reason for members to enjoy their copy.

“It’s all about keeping members and timeshare owners informed and educated about the options available to them through their holiday ownership.

“DAE’s free membership, low transaction fees, 24/7 online booking and easy-to-follow exchange process have made exchange simple and affordable for every owner.”

The Autumn 2014 edition of Holiday Access will be distributed to DAE members in Europe throughout October.
Printed versions of the magazine are available for DAE’s partner resorts and trading partners to spread the message to existing members or members of another holiday exchange company who are able to join the world’s leading exchange platform for free.

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The Impact of the Sharing Economy on Hotels

1114-3At a hotel industry conference in New York City several years ago, a panel of leading hotel executives was asked whether plucky start up Airbnb was a threat to demand. After some quizzical looks and an awkward silence, one panellist spoke up and admitted he had never heard of the peer-to-peer booking network. His fellow panellists agreed, and the conversation turned elsewhere.

The difference three years can make.

The sharing economy is thriving in the travel industry today, with apartment dwellers or home owners using a variety of distribution channels to rent out their unused units or spare bedrooms to travellers seeking alternatives to traditional hotel stays.

Whether it is millennials with their different cultural tastes or long-time road warriors with a need for destination authenticity or simply a cheap room, new vendors of alternative transient accommodations have emerged to meet the demand: Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey, Roomorama, and others.

Market segment leader Airbnb is perhaps most well-known, its rise fuelled by a seamless online booking experience and passionate community of users that’s sparked exponential annual growth.

In this special report, Hotel News Now examines how that platform and others are impacting hotel demand, with analyses of San Francisco and New York City as illustrative case studies. We also poll hoteliers around the globe to see how this disruptive travel segment is affecting demand and operations at the property level. The global outlook continues with a piece that examines hot spots where litigation (and anxiety) is beginning to boil over. And finally we present an op-ed from Chip Conley, Airbnb’s head of global hospitality and strategy (and hotelier), who shares some perspective on the sharing economy and discusses how Airbnb is working to even the playing field with hoteliers.

The resulting package will raise some questions. It aims to answer even more, preparing readers to respond more confidently to enquiries on Airbnb—whether pontificating on a conference panel, sitting at the boardroom table or walking the floors of one of the countless hotels feeling the effects of the alternative-accommodations segment in this evolving sharing economy.

Happy reading,

The HNN editorial staff

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Perspective Group Confirmed As TripAdvisor® Official Partner

1114-2Perspective Group, an innovative marketing company for the vacation ownership industry has confirmed another major feature to its strategic arsenal, by becoming an Official TripAdvisor® Partner.

TripAdvisor® is the largest travel site* globally and its branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, reaching nearly 280 million unique monthly visitors**, and featuring more than 170 million reviews and opinions covering more than 4 million accommodations, restaurants, and attractions.

This partnership enables Perspective Group to offer its clients a number of enhanced marketing and review collection features, which have been added as options to its INTUITION brand marketing division.

“TripAdvisor® has a major influence on our resort clients, and so the decision to invest in a partnership with them was not only logical but necessary to drive marketing in the vacation ownership industry forwards. We can now better utilize and manage powerful TripAdvisor® features to assist our clients existing reputation management efforts, by combatting and reacting to negative reviews, and engaging with members and resort guests in some very exciting ways to generate more positive reviews.” Says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, Perspective Group.

For the vacation ownership industry, where vacation club products are available for sale in addition to traditional hotel stays, managing resort reputation and ranking on TripAdvisor® effectively can have a significant impact on the number of guest bookings received over a nearby competitor and at the same time, reduce rescission rates for vacation club sales departments. This new TripAdvisor® partnership combined with a number of other services that are exclusively available to INTUITION clients is expected to have a major impact on attracting new prospects for resort developers.

INTUITION Brand Marketing, a division of Perspective Group offers the most comprehensive independent marketing and customer engagement solutions currently available for the vacation ownership industry globally, yet also offers each of its core segments on an “a la carte” basis enabling clients to adopt only those services they need, and have the INTUITION team collaborate with other services or departments they currently have.

From custom content creation and PR syndication, to customer engagement strategies and social media marketing, INTUITION has a solution. It’s social media monitoring platform assists with online reputation management, original content enhances brand visibility, and services such as Social Media Advertising Management drives carefully targeted audiences to websites and promotional offers.

Perspective Group now operates three distinct divisions; Brand Marketing, Publishing and Conferences, and serves clients across the globe. The company has been in operation for more than 10 years with head offices now in Orlando, Florida. Perspective Group avidly supports the vacation ownership industry through enhanced promotion of more than 30 events per year via media sponsorships, and team members sit on a variety of association committees around the world, as well as operating their own independent conference, and hosting another on behalf of the Canadian Resort Development Association.

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Newbie TRYP Fortitude Valley Hotel takes out first place on TripAdvisor

1114-1Newly opened boutique hotel TRYP by Wyndham has received the number one ranking on TripAdvisor out of 160 Hotels in Brisbane this week, just two months short of its opening.

The hotel has been praised by reviewers for its outstanding service, the hotel’s luxury fit out and artistic inspired design as well as the quality food and cocktails on offer for guests at the hotel restaurant CHUR and lounge rooftop bar, UP on Constance.

TripAdvisor’s hotel rating system is ranked by the quantity and quality of visitor feedback as well as the timeliness of responses.

For more information and bookings visit

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