Can I only stay at timeshare resorts my Club has access to?

The short answer: no, you’re not just limited to your Club’s timeshare properties.

Most Clubs in active sales are constantly looking to expand the number of resorts they own, but acquiring and renovating new properties can take a long time. Luckily, Owners/Members also have access to timeshare exchange programmes.

There are three major timeshare exchange companies:

Membership to these exchange programmes may or may not be included in your timeshare Ownership/Membership, so you may need to sign up separately to use them. They work exactly as you might expect: you trade your timeshare’s weeks or Points for a stay of equivalent value.

Because each of these programmes has access to dozens of different timeshare Clubs from around the world, you’ll have literally thousands of different properties to choose from. It doesn’t matter whether you want a ski extravaganza in Whistler, a sun-soaked vacation in the Caribbean, or a week of hiking in Tasmania – with timeshare exchange, you can make it happen.

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