How do I buy timeshare?

If you’ve reached this point and you think that timeshare sounds like a good holiday option for you, it’s time to start looking seriously at buying.

The first stage of purchasing timeshare is attending a sales presentation. You’ll typically be shown how the Club works, the benefits of joining and success stories from existing Owners/Members. There’s nothing here that you can’t learn by reading the Club’s PDS, but attending is a great way to have an experienced staff member answer queries about your specific situation.

Some timeshare Clubs also offer test packages, which let you stay at one of that Club’s resorts at a heavily discounted rate for a couple of nights. In return, you’ll need to attend a sales presentation, although you’re not obligated to buy or sign up to anything. These ‘mini holidays’ are perfect for getting a taste of timeshare without any risk at all.

If you like what you’ve heard at the sales presentation, you can express your interest to the attending staff members, and they’ll start guiding you through the process of purchasing your Ownership/Membership.

Alternatively, you can contact individual timeshare resorts to discuss Ownership/Membership opportunities directly with them.

It’s important to always remember that purchasing timeshare shouldn’t be an off-the-cuff decision. Most timeshare Clubs have long lifespans, so you need to think about whether Ownership/Membership suits your lifestyle before committing.

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