How does timeshare exchange work?

Sick of a flop and drop holiday? Want to hit the Ski Slopes? Or feel like a bit of an adventure in another country? This is what timeshare exchange companies can offer you.

Today, timeshare owners have access to more than 5,500 resorts in more than 100 countries, which give you a great opportunity to use your timeshare and exchange to explore new places either here in Australia or somewhere else in the world.

Basically you deposit your holiday weeks or points with the exchange company and exchange to go on holiday somewhere else. You may also be able to use your points for things like car hire, hotel rooms and attraction tickets. Also keep an eye out for holiday rentals and bonus week getaways!

There are 3 timeshare exchange companies that you have potential access to dependent on which your company is affiliated with:

Interval International

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