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Apply for a Grant

Applications to access funds will only be accepted through the membership base. ATHOC will not deal with anything that comes directly to the office without the support of a member company. Should ATHOC receive any calls we will direct the caller to a resort/company in the area that they are from.

Funds will only be given to individuals – not other charities. If you happen to be involved with a charity and hear of a case that you think deserves funding you should work with the individual applicant to put something through a member to the ATHOC Foundation.

ATHOC encourages you to seek out situations that will really help those in need. Provide as much detail of the case as possible. Include the amount of funding that you are seeking and any other possible information that you feel will help have the funding approved.

Once you have determined that you believe an applicant is deemed suitable, please write to:

Laura Younger

Secretary of the ATHOC Foundation
PO Box 7718
Gold Coast Mail Centre QLD 9726

See here for nomination form or email info@athoc.com.au