COVID-19 Available Resources

March 27, 2020 10:47 am

COVID-19 Available Resources – QTIC

Visitors have been replaced by a flood of bad news, a social media storm and extensive information feeds from government and industry bodies. We do not want to add to the information overload but are keen to make you aware of how we continue to do our best to support you and work with governments on your behalf to direct as much assistance to tourism and hospitality businesses and employees as possible.

  • We have a strong and important industry presence with multiple working groups and task forces particularly with the Queensland Government but also with the Commonwealth.
  • We take all the concerns and suggestions you provide us with (by telephone or email) straight to the relevant decisions makers. Your information is invaluable and important – we are happy to hear from you (also to just lend an ear when necessary!). Our priorities remain the same as before: cash(flow) and employment support.
  • Tomorrow we will join the Deputy Premier in a newly established Worker and Industry Support Fund Taskforce.  The terms of reference are not clear yet but we will keep you posted.
  • It is obvious to all that significant additional government support will be required to maintain the functionality of our industry in anticipation of a recovery. It is easier to nurse a patient back to health with all means possible rather than reviving an expired one….
  • We are evaluating all of our own programs, including in capacity building and skill development, to assess if and how they can be adapted to the current circumstances and be relevant to operators.
  • We are working closely with our partners at DITID, TEQ, RTOs and some of our other stakeholders to ensure we provide you, the operators, with the most efficient support possible and avoid any duplication.

Nobody feels the pain from this economic crisis more than the operators whose businesses are at risk or their employees who are losing their jobs. Our hearts really do go out to you. The emotional stress is apparent everywhere. We will put some focus on these issues as well. I can only say that everyone here at QTIC is entirely committed to pulling out all stops to help you in any way we can. We are focused on being your voice more than ever before. Thank you for your support.


Resilience in Action: Positive Tourism Stories

Businesses around the world, including in our sector are searching for opportunities to keep the wheels turning and perhaps be part of the crisis response at the same time. Car manufacturers are retooling to produce ventilators, Zara the clothing store is turning out face masks. Queensland tourism operators are showing equally innovative resilience. Our Queensland rum and gin distilleries are converting their production lines to address the state’s shortage of hand sanitiser. Click here to read more. 
We are keen to hear any stories you can share to showcase our adaptive capabilities.

We are also happy to list and promote any tourism services in Queensland that have been adapted or re-purposed for the current circumstances, such as transport or accommodation services, food meal deliveries etc.

Government Resources & Support Programs

There are countless government resources and information websites. We do not want to add to the confusion and overload. We simply provide the links below which appear to be the most authoritative and relevant for our industry. We will continue to monitor the stream of information and pass it on if can be of use.



Koala Webcam

If you need a bit of peace and calm in amongst all the chaos, connect with our most iconic tourism ambassadors and feel the soothing benefit of connecting to a Koala.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is getting creative during this time and offering koala webcams so you can still keep up to date with all of their furry friends.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary webcams
YouTube Channel



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