Message from our Alliance Partner – Accommodation Association CEO Dean Long

September 4, 2020 9:38 am

As lockdowns continue in Victoria and across the Country, your Association has been calling for a clear strategy of when and how border and other restrictions will be removed. We have been working with all Governments to establish what the road to recovery looks like and establish clearer communications with the business community. Our ask is simple – businesses need to know what they should be looking for within the daily numbers so we can plan to kick start the economy.

I, like many of our members, am frustrated by the lack of a clear plan and clarity on the path to success to restart our businesses. Of course the primary focus must be protecting lives but we need to find the balance that allows us to live more normally with this virus so that we are also protecting jobs and livelihoods, especially given the reality that any vaccine is still a long way off.

I also remain concerned that the political landscape, when seen through an election lens, further skews the decision making. Polling data from Queensland and Tasmania shows they want the restrictions to continue and they believe they are better off as a community if the hard border continues. We saw a significant swing in the recent election in the Northern Territory to the Government where Territorians voted in droves to continue the existing hard borders which the Liberal/National opposition was saying it would pull down.

While it is not what we want to hear nor believe should be the case, it is important that we reflect on this fact as to why Governments are not supporting the relaxation of restrictions. However, this does present an opportunity for each of us that are dependent on open borders. Speak to your neighbours, friends and relatives and remind them that without an open border, our businesses and jobs are at risk and without us, Australia’s tourism sector is at risk.

In the coming weeks we will be publicly and loudly supporting those politicians that support our sector and we will not stop until our domestic borders are open.

As always the team of the Accommodation Association is here to help and should you require assistance on any matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02 8666 9015 or

Regards, Dean Long

CEO – Accommodation Association

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