Wyndham’s Wheelie Good Deed for HeartKids

February 21, 2019 3:42 pm

Fifty Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific resort and sales managers built bikes for charity during their annual three-day conference on the Gold Coast this month.

The teams earned bike parts by completing a series of fun interactive challenges. Once teams collected all their parts, the race commenced to build the bikes. The first group to build a bike and pass their bike inspection from a qualified mechanic was deemed the bike building champion.

The real winners on the day however were 10 Gold Coast children aged between six and nine, who each received a bike built especially to their height and frame together with a helmet.

HeartKids is the only national profit for purpose charity dedicated to supporting children, teens and adults affected by congenital heart disease (CHD). It also funds life-saving research, provides information and advocates for families’ needs.

For more information about HeartKids, visit heartkids.org.au

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