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7Across New Travel Booking Flexibility Gains Popularity Among Its Members.

The unsure nature of our times means that bookings may have to be cancelled or rescheduled at the last moment. And with the whole world going through it together, the resorts, hotels and everyone involved are simply changing and accommodating to these industry changes.

7Across is no exception to this! The exchange company, formerly known as DAE, introduced a flexible system of booking last year which has steadily gained popularity among its members especially during the pandemic. The system dubbed as ‘Fix-It or Flex-It’ provides members maximum flexibility on Exchange and Bonus week holidays.

As the name suggests, it allows members to select between having a flexible option where the booking details can be amended, versus a fixed option that is set and has minimal room for last-minute changes. This is entirely selected depending on members’ preferences and consumer needs.

In detail, the Fix-It booking option transaction is final. In the event of a booking update or cancellation, neither fees paid, nor Deposit Credit is returned. While for the Flex-It option, the transaction is fully refundable up to 24-hours before check-in. Any monetary amount related to the transaction will be returned to your account as a monetary credit (no refunds   will be issued) and any Deposit Credit will be returned to the members account with the original expiry date. The Fix-It or Flex-it options are available on both Exchange and Bonus bookings

With global travel uncertainty continuing, 7Across will continue to encourage flexibility in the travel sector in an effort to support an industry that’s been on its knees since the Genesis of COVID-19.

More details on Fix-It or Flex-It can be accessed here

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