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Owning Timeshare: The Pros and Cons

If you’re thinking of buying timeshare, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons.  Like any durable goods purchase, timeshare has advantages and disadvantages, so this article will walk you through exactly what you can expect if you become a timeshare Owner.  Once you’ve finished reading, you should have a better idea of whether …

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What’s the Difference Between Points-based and Fixed-week Timeshare?

What Are the Different Types of Timeshare? If you’re thinking of buying timeshare in Australia, all the different terms out there can be confusing.  Many timeshare websites focus on American timeshare, and often talk about things like ‘deeded timeshare’, ‘fractional ownership’ and ‘leasehold timeshare’. This article will help you understand what you’re buying by covering …

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What Is Timeshare?

What Is Timeshare, and How Does It Work? Timeshare, in its simplest form, is when a property is owned by multiple people. It’s exactly what it sounds like – each owner holds a share of time in the property, rather than just owning a share of its value (as with other types of shared ownership).  …

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That’s why I love my timeshare

We joined the Accor Vacation Club (AVC) in 2009 and soon discovered it was a great way to holiday in luxury accommodation at exciting destinations in the Pacific region. Then if we desired to cross more places off our bucket list and venture further afield, we found our Interval membership a great option to travel …

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The Timeshare Journey

Begin the journey Owning a timeshare is like having a passport to a lifelong journey of vacations. From taking a tour and becoming an owner to using your timeshare and creating new experiences, explore the journey of being an owner. Benefits of timeshare holidays in Australia In these modern times Australians are leading increasingly busy …

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