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Is Timeshare a Financial Investment

It is important to acknowledge that while timeshare is legally classed as an investment product, it is a lifestyle investment in holidays for the future, and is not intended to provide financial gain. You should not expect to make money on your timeshare ownership.

Can I only stay at timeshare resorts my Club has access to?

The short answer: no, you’re not just limited to your Club’s timeshare properties. Most Clubs are constantly looking to expand the number of resorts they own, but acquiring and renovating new properties can take a long time. Luckily, Owners/Members also have access to timeshare exchange programmes. There are three major timeshare exchange programmes: Resort Condominiums …

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What is a timeshare PDS?

A product disclosure statement (PDS) is an important document that every prospective Owner/Member should read. Because timeshare is classed as a financial product, the Responsible Entity is required to provide a PDS to you whenever they recommend or offer Ownerships/Memberships. A PDS covers the fine details – how that particular Club works, who the Responsible …

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What are Developer Benefits?

Developer Benefits are extra features and bonuses that are not part of the Club and are sold with Ownerships/Memberships as incentives. They are typically offered during sales presentations, and can include discounted nightly rates, free cleaning and other extras. Because Developer Benefits are not part of the Club (and therefore not in the PDS), they …

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How do I buy timeshare?

If you’ve reached this point and you think that timeshare sounds like a good holiday option for you, it’s time to start looking seriously at buying. The first stage of purchasing timeshare is attending a sales presentation. You’ll typically be shown how the Club works, the benefits of joining and success stories from existing Owners/Members. …

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Is timeshare risky?

It’s smart to be cautious about any financial investment. The last thing you want is to pour tens of thousands of dollars into something, only for it to collapse and take your money with it. Luckily, timeshare Clubs have been developed to minimise the risk to Owners/Members as much as possible. Remember how we talked …

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What is a timeshare resort?

A ‘timeshare resort’ is just a property you can travel to as part of your Ownership/Membership. Sometimes, your Club will own the entirety of the property; other times, they’ll only have access to certain rooms. You can find out which timeshare properties a Club offers by looking for pages called ‘Resorts’ or ‘Resort Directory’ on …

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Begin the journey

Owning a timeshare is like having a passport to a lifelong journey of vacations. From taking a tour and becoming an owner to using your timeshare and creating new experiences, explore the journey of being an owner.