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Each month we showcase timeshare owner stories as part of our connection to the community. We love to share memories, adventures, tips, stories and experiences. Shared experiences are what unites us.

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Timeshare Support

That’s why I love my timeshare

We joined the Accor Vacation Club (AVC) in 2009 and soon discovered it was a great way to holiday in luxury accommodation at exciting destinations in the Pacific region. Then if we desired to cross more places off our bucket list and venture further afield, we found our Interval membership a great option to travel …

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Keeping our Timeshare Owners happy

The satisfaction of our timeshare owners is key. The Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council (ATHOC) has a proud track record of welcoming and actively supporting measures including consumer protection to support our time share owners. Why State Property Laws Make Timeshare Transfer Difficult for Legacy Schemes When interests in legacy schemes were promoted in …

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Timeshare in Australia

How does timeshare work in Australia? Timeshare ownership has evolved over the years. You can now select products that are either fixed weeks at a specific location (resort or holiday unit), or a flexible product based on points. Depending on your product type, you can use your points, or “holiday currency,” to book holidays at …

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The Timeshare Journey

Begin the journey Owning a timeshare is like having a passport to a lifelong journey of vacations. From taking a tour and becoming an owner to using your timeshare and creating new experiences, explore the journey of being an owner. Benefits of timeshare holidays in Australia In these modern times Australians are leading increasingly busy …

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