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International Timeshare Appreciation Day

What are you doing on November 1st? Hopefully, you and your owners/members will be celebrating International Timeshare Appreciation Day!

That’s right. 2020 will mark the 8th celebration of this very special day that I created in an attempt to show all that is great about timeshare around the world. I’ve been writing about timeshares for nearly 20 years and decided that the industry, the people within the industry and the owners themselves deserved a day to celebrate and share all the good news about timeshare.

I believe that the industry hasn’t done all that it can do to combat the bad publicity it’s garnered over the years. The best way for companies to deal with this public misconception of timeshare ownership isn’t to hide from it but to openly discuss the pros and cons; call out the bad apples for what they are and above all to highlight how great of an experience vacation resort ownership can be.

I’ve learned in the 7 years that I’ve been promoting International Timeshare Appreciation Day to associations, exchange companies, resorts and members is that those who aren’t willing to come together and discuss both the wonderful aspects as well as the challenges facing timeshare ownership probably have something to hide. You know what… if you don’t believe enough in your own product, shame on you.

There’s a dedicated Facebook page as well as a Twitter hashtag, #YES2TIMESHARE, to make it simple to share good stories with everyone. To date, we’ve had resorts, exchange companies and thousands of owners join in.

How do you get involved? It’s really quite easy. You know your business and your owners better than anyone else. Whether you want to do a live stream and post it to social media, run a contest for your owners giving them an opportunity to share their stories, or something unique to your organization, there really aren’t any hard and fast rules other than it can’t be a pure advertisement. You have 364 other days in which to do that!

Looking for tips, or want to run something by me? I’m happy to assist. Just drop me an email at and I look forward to celebrating with you this November 1st on the 8th annual International Timeshare Appreciation Day.

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