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Interval International

Why Interval International?

The perfect vacation.

For some it means lying on a tropical beach. For others, it’s family time at a thrilling theme park destination. For a couple looking for a romantic escape, a peaceful respite in the mountains might be in store.

No matter where you go, it’s all about quality vacation time with family, friends, and loved ones. And there’s no better way to experience the perfect vacation year after year than through vacation ownership and membership with Interval International®.

  • Since 1976, Interval International has been making it easy for members to spend vacation time at a vast network of quality resorts. And with thousands of resorts in more than 80 nations around the globe from which to choose, members truly have the world at their disposal.
  • Interval membership offers so much more than vacation exchange. You’ll also have access to a suite of benefits such as Getaways — super-affordable weeklong stays in destinations worldwide. And Interval Gold® and Interval Platinum® — Interval’s popular upgraded membership programs — offer even more amazing benefits.
  • At, you can search the Resort Directory, make an exchange, purchase airfare, book a cruise, search for Getaways, and more. And travel advice is always just a mouse-click away on Community.
  • Year after year, Interval is recognized as the industry leader in quality vacation exchange.

With the flexibility to choose how you vacation, and a wide variety of valuable benefits you can use at home or away, Interval membership is the best thing that’s ever happened to vacation ownership.

Interval International®. The Quality Vacation Exchange Network®.