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Each month we showcase timeshare owner stories as part of our connection to the community. We love to share memories, adventures, tips, stories and experiences. Shared experiences are what unites us.

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Like most great companies, we started with an idea …

In 1974, our founders Jon and Christel DeHaan pioneered the concept of holiday exchange. The couple realised that swapping holiday homes offered greater choice and added value to the timeshare ownership experience. They developed a system to allow timeshare owners to exchange a holiday at their home resort for a stay of the same duration at other resorts which had joined RCI’s exchange programme. This gave timeshare owners all over the world a new level of flexibility and choice, revolutionising the holiday experience for millions of people.

Today we remain the global leaders in holiday exchange, with the world’s largest network of resorts, destinations and holiday experiences to offer timeshare owners. More resorts trust us to deliver a world-class holiday exchange membership journey to their valued owners than any other holiday exchange company in the world.

At RCI, we understand that no matter how busy life gets, you cherish the time you set aside for holidays with family and friends each year. We want to help you make memories to last a lifetime – because your holiday means the world to us.